We strive to keep our costs low so that your business can grow!



 We aren't looking to be millionaires, and we aren't professionals who cant do so we teach. We are merely interested in having a more flexible way of doing business.



Because we work remotely, we can support a business anywhere in the world and within their time zone while also keeping our overhead and travel costs down. 



We can provide pricing in any of the following ways:


  • by the hour

  • by the job (recruitment specific)

  • by the project (employee handbook, performance review, etc. ala carte menu)

  • a flat rate for a limited engagement (e.g., come in and clean house, restaff and get out) or

  • we can quote you a flat fee retainer for whatever fits your specific needs

Payments for services can be made via PayPal or by way of a business check and are expected to be remitted not less than net 30.


While our primary business is not related to non-profit work, because non-profits depend on donations, we are willing to work on a sliding scale or in installments if needed.