Our Story


After years of working for a number of different industries as an HR Professional, the owner of Adhocratic HR began to feel like a policeman, a school principal and basically like..... Toby from the NBC comedy The Office.

Upon leaving her last employer to go on a camping adventure with her family, she was in a position to really think about her profession as a whole and why people equated the HR function with Toby.


As she started to think about her career and the different people and organizations where she had worked she couldn't help but notice that despite the varying nuances associated with business specific issues, the challenge that plagued each and every organization was that the relationships between the workforce and the organizational leaders were ineffective. 


HR initiatives were either a joke or a begrudging responsibility forced upon management by the latest HR crony who graced the establishment with ideas that were administratively burdensome, costly, corny, uptight and anything but fun.


(It's ok, this is where you nod your head in agreement and roll your eyes as you think about the last Toby experience you had)


Having always had a special interest in turnover and retention, the owner began studying people and the dynamics of their relationships and how the business was affected by them. She quickly realized that the problem wasn't that the HR programs or leaders didn't have any value, it was that the programs were too involved, too formal and devoid of any human touch. By all accounts, the configuration of the HR function within the business worked in opposition of what it was supposed to be doing.


Rather than encouraging people to work together as a team and enjoy coming to work, the traditional HR configuration only served to encourage management not to talk to HR because they resented them for being up in their business,  the employees wouldn't participate in programs or investigations when things did go awry because from their perspective everytime HR was involved things became worse.


By placing HR Professionals between the workforce and the organizational leaders a barrier is created which results in an inherent distrust amongst all of the parties. Animosity ensues, worker engagement declines and the leaders of the organization spend more time dealing with employee and supervisory issues than on the actual business. The end result of which is an inefficient and ineffective operational environment. 


In order to change the narrative and stop being viewed as the police or Toby, Adhocratic HR's owner knew that the HR function as a whole would need to be reconfigured.  By outsourcing the administrative functions such as recruiting, payroll, onboarding, FMLA administration, etc. it would ensure that HR would be viewed as a resource rather than the police or a school principal.


The HR Executive or HR Consultant would no longer be the person people HAD to run things by. Once trained, management would no longer be required to contact "HR" before making decisions. In so doing, it allows HR to cease being the place people go to complain or tattle tell too, and instead become a trusted confidant and advisor.


Having already successfully implemented a variation of this HR model, the owner of Adhocratic HR decided she wanted to start working with business owners directly to assist them in structuring their people needs in a way that is efficient, cost-effective and best supports their mission, vision, and values.