Adhocratic HR is a full-service Human Resources Consulting Firm.
If your need is related to people, we can help you. 
Not only are we educated and experienced, we are also fast and affordable without compromising the same quality services larger consulting firms offer. 
What in the world is Adhocratic?



Adhocratic (pronounced add-ho-cratic) quite literally is the opposite of bureaucratic. At Adhocratic HR, we don't believe in bureaucracy for the sake of bureaucracy.  We are, the anti-bureaucrats.


HR Should NOT be Costly, Complicated or Counterproductive

The implementation of rigid rules and policies more often than not serves only to tie the hands of the supervisors and managers you are entrusting to grow your business and make it profitable.

At Adhocratic HR, we believe that as long as you create a culture grounded in the principles of exhibiting care toward people and doing the right things for the right reasons, employees will not only reciprocate but will remain loyal to you and committed to growing your business.